Pagers and the Features of a Paging System

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Published: 17th November 2010
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Pagers are small messaging devices designed to receive transmissions from a paging terminal within a given area. Despite the widespread use of cell phones and online communication thru the internet, pagers are still popular in today’s society. Paging systems serve as the fastest means of communication in various businesses and large facilities. Information is transmitted by sending call signals from a single base station to a designated receiver.

A paging system is a system used to communicate with a person that cannot be reached by telephone and whose current location is unknown. This is why people usually carry pagers when a computer or telephone is not available, or when they are not sure about where they can be reached at a certain time.

A paging system consists of a main paging terminal which is connected to many transmitters. Each of these transmitters is capable of sending a paging signal to a specific pager. The signal coming from a transmitter can only be received by the pager if the pager is within the range of the transmitter, which is usually up to several miles away. A single pager is usually tuned to a specific frequency shared by other individual pagers.

When someone is subscribed to a paging system, a personal identification number, or PIN, is issued. A paging system uses PIN numbers to determine which particular pager will receive the messages. For one-way paging systems, the pager usually gives a beeping sound or vibration to notify its user that he or she has received a message.

Pagers sometimes allow users to receive phone numbers, and in some cases, even actual text messages. A paging system can also feature two-way communication, allowing users to send and receive messages to each other. Some pagers even have voice messaging features or designated warning sounds for specific messages.

A modern paging system makes use of receivers that have multiple functions. The pagers have integrated microprocessors that enable users to reply to messages using tones, text messages, or even voice transmissions in a variety of modes. If a group of users are communicating through transmission of messages, group calling functions allow transmission of a single message to multiple receivers.

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